Galactic Overlord Studios

I love video games. I’ve always loved video games. Some of my best memories are of me and my brothers clustered around an old 386 playing Star Control II.

I love the escapism of games. Whole worlds, universes, where anything is possible and the only limits are in the imagination of the creator. I’ve always wanted to make games, and I’ve always wanted to make my living making games.

Alas, real life has a way of keeping dreams at arm’s length. Now I’m a homeowner with a house in the suburbs and a family. I work as a systems analyst for a regional retail chain with 60 stores. ┬áIt keeps me pretty busy.

Still, you know the old saying: “If a man loves the labor of his trade, apart from any question of success or fame, the gods have called him.” (Robert Louis Stevenson) For me, that is creating video games.

So I have decided, and my family and friends agreee, that it’s high time we started making some games. To that end, we’ve formed Galactic Overlord Studios, and set ourselves to learning our craft.

This web site is meant to track our progress as incipient game designers, and to comprise a record of the many things we must learn along the way. I’ll be posting tutorials as I go along. I have the first one up already. It deals with texture mapping in Blender.

We hope that this web site will be a resource and inspiration for all those who, like us, have a passion for the development of awesome games.

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